Utilities for .NET (U4N) is a .NET class library that enhances MenuItems, ListViews, ComboBoxes, ToolStrips, Forms, and more! U4N is easy and quick to use. Many controls can be configured directly inside the Designer of your development tool.

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Easy and quick to use! Many controls can be configured directly inside the Designer of your development tool. This increase productivity, and frees you from coding ripetitive and boring routines...

Enhance comboboxes and get shell icons. The "ComboBoxEnhancer" component allows you to customize comboboxes (colors, fonts, icons, multi-columns). The "ShellItemIcon" component, instead, extracts icons from shell's objects.

Don't you like MenuStrips? If you don't like MenuStrips, or simply prefer using the more Windows native MenuItems, so, the "MenuImage" component could help you.

Sort ListViews and save/restore layouts without coding! The "ListViewSortManager" component is what you need to quickly sort ListViews. The "LayoutSaver" component, instead, helps you in saving and restoring the layout of many controls (Form, ListView, Splitter, ListViewSortManager, SplitContainer, ToolStrip, TabControl).

Perform various other operations... Classes such as "MiscTools", "IniFile", "ObjectSerializer", "Fraction" and "DbTools" provide many methods to add or simplify many .NET Framework's functions (encryption, ecoding, INI files management, serialization, fractions, path functions, etc).

Install/remove NT services and do shutdown. The "ServiceManager" component allows you to install or remove an NT service without using the "installutil.exe" tool. The "ShutdownManager" component, instead, can poweroff, reboot or logoff the local (or a remote) machine. This sample form also contains the "Line" control used to draw a simple separator line.

Print a ListView or DataTable. Class "ListPrinter" can be easily used for printing the contents of a ListView or DataTable. By handling the exposed events, you can customize each part (header, items, footer) that will be printed on the page.

Do you need a classes overview? All the classes are documented using an MSDN-like interface.

Note: all the screenshots shown above are taken from the included sample project.